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6 / 15 / 2001 FINAL UPDATE:
explanation for ending neobaka can be found here
archives will be kept online indefinitely
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final closing thoughts are below the goodbye sketch
dan and the rest will be at otakon 2001, watch the forum and reflect for details

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[ Friday, April 06, 2001 ]

:: 3:59 PM
So, wondering what's with me today, right? I'm stuck in a rut. Now, don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed every minute (well, almost every minute) of doing Neobaka, and I have no intention of stopping now. But I desperately need to have time to do something else. I really want to do some more stand-alone artwork, put some images floating around in my head onto canvas (figurative term, that), try some new ideas, experiment a little. Time management has never been a great skill of mine, I'm sure you've noticed. Harder working for myself than anyone else. So what happens now? I dunno. I'm taking the weekend to think it all over. I'm out.

[ Wednesday, April 04, 2001 ]

:: 12:30 AM
Comic coming in the afternoon. Yeap. The bad day on Monday was entirely due to my Japanese class, just so everyone knows. Nothing to do with the comic or anything. After class, I sat down right here in front of my computer and played twich games for two hours straight. Total lack of thought during that time helped, but my hand hurt afterwards. Rapid fire would be nice, yes.

Coming to a point in the story where a shift may be necessary. We've been pretty lighthearted and humorous lately, which is definately good, methinks. Now we are at a point where we can make some funny, make some drama, or (alternatively) make some cats. Just have to see what happens, ne? ^_^ Now, I've finally updated the fanart page with new schtuff: We have a pic from Codax, a pic from Connell Wood of Plufim, a pic from the cool guys from Kastaway, a fairly new cool comic, and a totally kickass pic that puts my art to shame from Neo Skinz. ^_^

I've found some really funny things lately. Anyone remember a couple of old cartoons called ThunderCats and Silverhawks? Hee hee, sometimes you just can't remain serious when recording a kids show, ya know? Oh, and if you're into cosplay (that's short for costume play), and if you can figure out how to navigate the site, then this is really cool. And I thought the costumes we saw at the last Otakon and Katsucon were good. And how about some funny flash movies? You know you want them.

[ Monday, April 02, 2001 ]

:: 9:19 PM
Today has NOT been a good day. Not gonna talk about it. Comic for today is finally here, I'm gonna be happy about that.

[ Saturday, March 31, 2001 ]

:: 3:09 AM
Another long log. So, looks like things might finally be back on track around here, for the most part. Still under a pile of work, but it's all good. At the moment I'm really eager to move the Neobaka story along, and I want to do it proper. What's that mean? Still slow story progression, but progression nevertheless. This stop-don't-update-for-a-week crap is more irratating to me than to you, trust me. You want to know why Neobaka is hard for me to do, on top of dealing with schoolwork? Unlike a job where I'm working under someone else, directed by someone else, and being paid to please others, by doing this comic I am trying to please MYSELF. Now that's hard, because I am never truly satisfied--there's always SOMETHING that can improve.

Now, in regards to Friday's comic. You may notice a rather good improvement on the image quality end. That's because when I sat down to Photoshop this one, I decided that the way I was doing it before was in fact really dumb, and didn't save me any time at all but reduced the image quality. So, fixed. All strips from here on out should be that crisp. And now, in regards to Glenn's computer crashing to spite him. As far as I can tell, all computers hate Glenn. His computer has been in the shop for a while now, as defective part is replaced by defective part is replaced by YET ANOTHER defective part is replaced by a hopefully working one. So, naturally, he's been using mine. Now, I don't know how he does it, but he manages to crash my computer much much more than I do, even with my constant use of Photoshop and misc Microsoft products. He is NOT nice to this computer, or something. And, without his computer yet with his copy of OS X, we installed OS X on my computer. Already, he has managed to crash the uncrashable OS X twice! Me, nothing. Works like a charm. I can't wait till he gets his computer back. Means (1) he can't screw up my computer more than he already has, and (2) I might actually get to use my own computer. -_-;;

Last paragraph, other news. Finally got to check out our very own T-shirt today, as my good friend Nick ordered one right away, and I am very pleased with the printing quality. Oh yeah. Now I just need to wait for my own to arrive. ^_^ You know what's great? Companies actually listening to public outcry for once. Case in point: 8-Bit Theater has made a miraculous return! WAI!! Btw, I find your lack of pants disturbing.

[ Saturday, March 24, 2001 ]

:: 9:16 PM
Long log entry, bear with me. Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I'm alive and kicking, yes kicking. So, this is the end of my Spring Break week. If you're wondering why there were so many late updates this week (not to mention the lack of a Friday comic), it's because I've been staying out way late every single night with my friends, and sleeping in way late. This week, I've rediscovered a good night's sleep and rediscovered fun. I feel so great, cause for one week everything "important" went on the back burner and I relaxed. All the wonderful plans I had for this week didn't happen. So what?

Now, this coming week will not be any more normal, really. Doing all this relaxing, I've been putting off a good amount of schoolwork, which I now must do this week. I don't mind too much though, 'cause now I have enough energy to do it. So, up till now I've taken time away from schoolwork to do the comic, but that's getting quite dangerous. I need to get back on track with work first, comic second. So don't expect a regular schedule this week. Starting to look like Bad Boys of Computer Science.

Quick news tidbits: Seems like Piro is having problems with time constraints at the moment too.. If you haven't already, go try and cheer him up. ^_^ In regards to Yuki's ability to divide by zero, a reader emailed me recently to say that mathematically it is possible to divide by zero! In the same way that you use i=square root of -1 and get imaginary (i.e. not real) numbers, you use j=1/0 and get nonexistant numbers. Because I'm sick and twisted, I actually enjoy stuff like this. ^_^

Dan ::
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[ Thursday, May 31, 2001 ]

:: 11:21 AM
Go read Eat The Roses today! And read through all of its archives! Meaghan's this close to breaking the amazing 100,000 pageview barrier, and she just needs a little push to get her over this month! (I believe she's at 94-95k pageviews right now). And there's only ONE MORE DAY TO READ IT THIS MONTH! AIEE! So, READ IT! and then you'll get a COOKIE! READ = COOKIE! READ MORE = MORE COOKIES! DO IT! NOW! ~_^

This was not a paid advertisement. Nope. Not at all. It's the truth. Yup.

Glenn ::
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[ Tuesday, May 15, 2001 ]

:: 12:43 PM
The irony of the world collapses around me and all I can do is smile and watch the ensuing chaos.

Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well.

I don't know what to write. I'm incredibly happy, incredibly sad, incredibly confused. School's over. I get to go home to my birthplace but somehow I feel I'll be forgetting something here. I've made it through one whole year of college. Only 3 or 4 more like it and then I'm supposedly all grown up. What a world. We're thrown into this world kicking and screaming, probably will leave that way, and all for what? To remember all the pain and suffering we've ever felt. To remember all the pain and suffering we caused others. Yeah that's right I hurt other people. I did it, not proud of it, but by God I'll not regret it. I made a decision and I live with it. Tired of people asking me to feel bad and try to double guess myself on my actions. Not saying I'm always right in what I do, but I'm always right in at least making the decision. I don't know.

Everything'll be all right now. Will it? I can make it so. With but a thought, a hope, a dream it can all be settled and entrusted to the fates. Perhaps I've been trying to hard. But oh the fun, the pure joy of changing the world, changing things, changing people... It's all too much for me. It's bigger than me yet I want to control it all. Perhaps one day I will. I'm learning new ways everyday.

Whew, that's a load off. Everyone give your minds a break. I think I'll give all of you a well deserved rest. No more bullshit, no more lies, no more manipulations. Good solid truth. Let's see where that takes us, and see if we can get started back in the turmoil later. All those interested in joining the game we call life please sign up by attempting to make yourself a part of my life. It's hard, ask my few and scattered friends. Then, even when you do, it's loads and loads of work to keep it. Maybe I'm too demanding but I promise you something so terrible or so wonderful that you won't forget me ever. Trust me, you'll get your times worth.

With that said I bid you all have a happy summer. May you sing in the heavens or burn in hell for all I care, so long as you chose it I'll keep my nose out of your buisness. Farewell and see ya'll next year.


Will ::
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