[ japanese lesson ]

Japanese lesson: for those of you who don't know Japanese, here's a guide to common Japanese words that we use here on neobaka... btw, these are PHONETIC spellings, so these words sound just the way they're spelled...

Gomen / gomen nasai / sumimasen: "I'm sorry."
Ohayo: "Good morning." / "Hello"
Konnichi wa: "Good afternoon." / "Hello"
Anno: "Uhh..." / "Excuse me..."
Sugoi: "Wow!" / "Exciting!" / etc.
Ne: "...right?"
Nee: "Isn't that so?" / "Don't you think so?"
Nani:   "What?"
Yo: used to assert the previous statement / "...I assure you."
Kawaii: "Cute!"
-Chan: used as a suffix with a person's name (usually female or children) / "little"
-San: used as a person's title, such as "Mr." / "Mrs." / "Ms."
-Sama: used as a superior's title, such as "Lord" / "Master"
Also, people into anime and the like often use a different set of emoticons, or "smileys" too...
happy ^_^ (to make an even happier smile, just make it bigger: ^____^ )
wink ~_^
sad ;_;
blushing *^_^*
sweatdrop (embarrassed) ^_^;; or -_-;;
angry / annoyed -_-
glare ¬_¬
very angry / furious >_<
surprised / startled O_o
very surprised / startled O_O
overwhelmed @_@
rolling eyes 9_9
dead x_x
smug / proud ^-^
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