[ dan's art ]

[ 21st Century Girl Yuki ]

This is the first real art of Yuki, the new year's splash image. I drew this image specifically as an image to have above the menu on the site, but I liked it so much I recolored it and made it into a desktop a while ago. So here's the full thing.

[ "Hee?" ]

I drew this pic late one night.. And, well, I thought it looked really cute. She looks confused. ^_^ Btw, "hee" is a Japanese exclamation of surprise, and it's pronounced like a shortened "hey."


[ Snow... ]

I love it when it snows around here. But it doesn't do that too often, unfortunately. I'm working hard to make Yuki just as cute and huggable as possible. ^___^


[ Beautiful ]

By far the most risque image on this site so far. Super cute, sexy, beautiful. Also the first pic in a long time that I've done on huuuuuge paper. Usually I work on 9x12 paper, but this one was on 14x17. Came out pretty good. Nosebleed! *^_^*


[ 100k "baka" ]

A big big "thanks!" to everyone for helping us to reach 100,000 hits on the counter! Pose inspired by a cool fanart we recieved. Do ya like the "baka" shirt she has? ^_^


[ Against the Wall ]

First CG of the new Yuki! Rowr. Anyways, I'm really fond of this image, although I'm sure that someday someone somewhere will know the picture that I got the pose from. ^_^;;

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